Who Are We?

We are a team of digital experts

Welina! Since you seem fervent to know about our sphere, let us give you a meteoric tour of what we are…

What is Exhibit and what do we set forth?

Exhibit is India’s prime-selling magazine on technology, fashion and lifestyle. We, at Exhibit, cognize to the fact that technology has been running in our daily lives in all sectors, no matter what industry you are dealing with, it has an unquestionable impact. And by all means, there seems to be no chance of technology slowing down in the near future. We set out the most dominant and predominant advances in technology on the planet, and mind you, we don’t let anything hold us back. Our aim is to talk about hard-core technology in the simplest possible way so that even a layman gets his share of tech-dose. Get your feed and tune into Technology update as we check out some of the coolest tech gizmos used worldwide.

And it’s not just Technology

Before you go racing in your head, let us lay our cards on the floor. To stand tall on our stunning unison with Lifestyle, we hand out some crucial picks, tips, intimations, newscast on lifestyle. Alright, now imagine some wholesome waffles covered in dark chocolate? Well, that’s how Exhibit skilfully presents to you this uniques combination of where “Tech Meets Lifestyle”. We make technology fashionable, supersonically futuristic and connected to everyday lifestyle.

And it’s not just gadgets and gizmos

Okay, so we review smartphones, cameras, tablets, laptops and all the new gadgets that hit the market. But do we stop here? Naah. Because cars and bikes make our adrenaline rush high, robots excite us, watches allure us and music and films keep us updated. To squeeze it in one breath, we are seduced and tickled by tech toys and fashion at the same time. And that is how it has been going for the past 12 years now.

Ramesh Somani

CEO & Founder

Ramesh Somani, an MBA in Marketing & International Finance from Fore School of Management & Nottingham Trent University, UK, he started his career with job in Amet & Ladoue, an Indo-French Brand as a Brand Manager. There he was responsible for expanding the brand presence in Europe and America. Soon the entrepreneurial bug in him bit him and he decided to start on his own.

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